About Us

Why we started:

Cross Industries is a husband and wife team who love to create new things and serve those around us. After owning and adventuring with a GX470 we became frustrated with the lack of aftermarket support for these rugged vehicles. In a lot of cases we just fabricated our own parts. Around the same time we became wholly aware of the rising and desperate need for adoptive and fostering parents as well as the high cost of being an adoptive and fostering home. With our hearts set on giving children a loving home we decided to use our God given talents to create easy to install and long lasting parts to offer to the community and use the proceeds to help us fund foster and adoption of children into our home.

Our Brand Goals:

The Lexus brand offers high quality reliable cars and so we made it our mission to match this with great quality, good looking, functional parts. We design to make install as easy as possible and quality will always come above quantity. Functionality and reliability should score high with the grandma test (would I trust it to be easy for my grandma everyday?). These are the characteristics of Cross Industries Off-road products. We want to continue to create new and exciting things to bring to the GX as well as other models in the future and share our passion with others.